Who We Are

Nikkotech Electricals Pvt. Ltd. LIGHT has young and qualified team in the research and development of life-enhancing lighting solutions, advancing not only the perceived quality of light and shadows but also the reliability of the Indian designs and manufacturing.

Reliable lighting is the cornerstone of any home or business.It brightens our living rooms and showrooms, it highlights the food we eat and the products we buy, and makes us feel comfortable in our surroundings- at home or out on the team.

SKY LIGHT has made great strides indemonstrable rating the importance of stylish, carefully-crafted lighting in the industrial sector with its best of quality and technology to raise their motto of “UJJALE KI AUR” with their innovative designs and technology with the bests of their R&D team. Nikkotech Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is stepping into the direct customer market to deliver the Indian products to direct customers.